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Feb 13, 2012

Get a Bread Machine and Make Your Own Bread!

Bread machines are ideal for those who want homemade bread without the option of having a big oven. They are also called "bread makers" and work as an alternative to traditional ovens. They also knead, mix, and in some cases, preheat the dough before baking. They are made up of a pan with a center paddle closed in a small window or a dome-shaped oven.
The bread of your choice
Almost all kinds of bread machines have a timer and settings for different kinds of bread like whole wheat, rye, and white that come in different sizes, and most can accommodate the standard 1.5-pound loaf. Here are the types of bread machines you can conveniently use in your home:
o Standard bread machine: Ingredients are added manually but there are models that have lap timers to alert you on when you can add the next ingredients. Even if they have less features compared to automatic ones, they offer more precision and control.
o Automatic bread machine: This can be set to add the ingredients on particular times and is capable of mixing at preset speeds. Some models can be programmed for specific recipes, like pastries and simple cakes, and they come with two or more bread pans.
The time and the pan
When shopping for bread machines, check the pan type. Pick a bread machine that has a non-stick pan so you can easily clean and maintain it. You can also choose a pan made of thick-cast aluminium for thicker and browner crusts, or a thin pan for lighter crusts.
Mind the time
The bread machine should be able to bake in 3 hours or less. Remember that some breads may take longer to bake, but they should not be longer than 4 hours. Furthermore, consider the preheating and mixing cycles when checking the baking times.