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Feb 28, 2012

Money Tales

Most of us are probably a combination of money types. I could see small traits of all them in myself. At times I am The Innocent, because I would rather not pay attention to the money details, and sometimes I'm The Victim, who likes to blame the economic downturn, but then The Warrior in me will emerge briefly, until The Martyr takes over and I spend too much money on my kids, then I truly feel like The Fool, and crawl into The Creator/Artist who wonders why we need money anyway, until the Tyrant emerges reminding me that the one with the gold makes the rules. Unfortunately, cycling through all these types has never lead to The Magician, who I am sure resides somewhere in my mind.

Ms. Price starts by explaining about the energy of money and why there are winners and loser in the money game. The most interesting part of the book was Price's description of the eight money types:
  • The Innocent
  • The Victim
  • The Warrior
  • The Martyr
  • The Fool
  • The Creator/Artist
  • The Tyrant
  • The Magician
So how do we recognize these types, and identify which type we are? I am sure we've all known people like these.
For instance my friend who has no clue of what her take home pay is and how much her monthly expenses are, she'd be The Innocent. Or my relative, The Victim, who continually makes bad choices with her money then blames everyone else and gets her mother to bail her out. And oh boy, you know The Warrior type, he is so focused on money, he sets out to conquer the world, all in an effort to prove his own self-worth. Then there's The Martyr, poor thing she spends all her time, energy and money on everyone else.
I think I dated The Fool once or twice, they play by a different set of money rules, usually rules they tried to stack in their favor! The Creator/Artist type just finds it difficult to live in the material world and would rather not have to think about money. I think we've all known The Tyrant, he dedicates his whole life to making money so he can use it to feel superior and control those in his life. Finally, there is The Magician, these are probably the millionaires and billionaires, because they know how to transform and manifest their own financial reality!

If you want to learn about "Unleashing Your True Potential for Prosperity and Fulfillment" then read Money Magic by Deborah L. Price! This book is chocked full of insightful, useful information.

Amazing Money Spells

Are you ready to become the most powerful witch you can? Do you want to learn what it means to be a witch, and how to create your own spells at the drop of a dime? Do you want more free spells and the best resource for ancient witchcraft and Wiccan knowledge?

Here are 2 money magic spells that anyone can use to help attract more of the green stuff into their lives.The first isn't a money magic spell as much as it is an exercise, and one that works extremely well. Anyone who practices magic knows that their will creates and effects their life and the world around them. With proper application, one no longer needs spells as much as they need to direct their thoughts, energy, and attention properly in order to manifest what they want.

Start by taking the time daily to imagine what you want in your minds eye. You have to do this as though you are right there doing it yourself. If you just need money to pay the electric bill, imagine yourself writing the check over and over again and having the money to pay it. Feel as though it is real, think as though it is real, and believe that it is real. This is the key to all of it. If you want more, like a trip to Europe, imagine that you are there doing stuff, and feel as though you are in the moment and are actually there.

Here is the second of the money magic spells. Start by taking two green candles and place them on a table. Take a twenty dollar bill and rub it on the candles as you imagine loads of money coming to you. Now, place the bill in between the two candles. Before all of this, you should have created a circle around you to help focus the energy.
Now, light the candles when you are ready. Be sure to clear you mind and aura of anything other than your focus on the task at hand. Recite out loud three times the following. "Bring to me all I need, money, comfort, and dreams. Bring to me all I need, as quickly as can be."

We all want more of the green stuff in our lives. People say that money can't make you happy. They may be right, however, these people have never had it. Regardless, we all have basic needs that have to be taken care of, and a good collection of money magic spells can be useful to take care of these needs.

Magic Money Button?

It is an uncomplicated push button system that enables you to make quick money online. Even people having zero technical knowledge can utilize this system. Joining the websites such as money magic button by entering your email address and certain other information will enable you to be a success in online business world.

The people trying to step into online business will be wondering from where to start. However, the best solution for this problem can be the inbox cash technique. Money magic button makes use of this technique to help people make money online.
You must understand that starting an online business without a clear-cut business plan can be suicidal. Even though you are spending a lot of money and time on researching about the various techniques through which you can make good amounts of money online, you may not be successful.

You must understand the fact that making it big in the online marketing scenario is not about using the latest technology and formulating great plans.
Being successful in the online marketing world can only be through establishing a system that helps you in making good amounts of money. The system must be able to offer you results quickly as you cannot survive in this world without making profits for a long period.
Even the beginners can attain great results through the inbox cash technique. The major benefit of this system is that you do not require any sort of technical knowledge for making use of this system. You do not require the expensive hosting services, programming knowledge and payment processes too.

Most of the people will not have any idea about what money magic button is. The people who are searching for the effective techniques for making money online should have a basic understanding about the working of this website as it offers you an amazing technique through which you can make money online.

Make Money Tricks

Perhaps, because of this, when money is used in magic, spectators invest a little more emotions in the effect than they normally would with a card trick for example. Especially if you are using money belong to them. For example, if you borrow a banknote from someone, and do a torn and restored banknote trick, chances are at the moment the spectator believes that their bill is genuinely being torn, you will get a strong emotional response from that spectator. The spectator cannot help but react emotionally if they believe their money is being destroyed because they see it as a desirable item of value that belongs to them that is being destroyed.
It is the emotional investment behind money magic tricks that makes them so powerful. If you compare that with a torn and restored playing card, whilst the spectators may be impressed with the effect, the emotional reaction will not be as strong as the item being destroyed is of little interest to them.

Coins in particular are very popular props for magicians to use. They are readily available and there is a wide variety of magic tricks that can be performed with them. Like card tricks, there are a wide variety of skills involved and tricks range from self working tricks to ones involving complex and sometimes difficult sleight of hand moves.
Emotional response to money magic tricks
Everyone these days, like it or not, is obsessed with money. Our lives revolve around it. Many of us dream of having lots of it. Its both a status symbol and the key that can be used to obtain virtually anything desirable in your life.

Many magicians like to use money as a prop when performing magic tricks. Money magic tricks with coins and with banknotes prove very popular with both magicians and spectators alike. But why is this?


What is one action you will take today that shows you're committed to this mindset?
By having read and worked through each of these 5 steps, you will have begun the process of shifting your relationship with money and ultimately achieving greater financial success. Congratulations on taking the plunge!

The key to success in any relationship is a willingness to work at it, grow in our awareness and become empowered in our choices - this is also true in our relationship with money. You can begin to transform your relationship with money by following these 5 powerful steps -The 5 Steps to Money MAGIC.
MONEY MYTHS: The first step is to become aware of the money myths that are floating around in your mind. What do I believe about money? What do I believe about people with money? What did my parents teach me about money? What were some of the messages about money when I was growing up? These are all important questions to explore in understanding your history with money, back to your earliest memory about it. Your money myths have been created by your money story i.e. your experience and influences around money that have created your beliefs about it. Once you've done this, ask yourself "Is this really what I believe?".

AWARENESS: As you begin to explore questions about your beliefs about money, your awareness will grow. Ask yourself "How does this belief about money impact how I am with money today?" For example, you may have grown up in a family that saw money as a status symbol, or that somehow there was a pecking order according to the size of a person's bank account. To drive a nice car had more to do with power and position than it did with necessity. As you explore these messages, you will begin to understand and become aware of your underlying belief patterns and behaviours around money. More importantly, you will become aware of how those patterns are influencing your life today both personally and financially.
What are you becoming aware of?

GRATITUDE AND GIVE AWAYS: Gratitude plays a big part in the magic. What would it be like to stop striving for more and more and begin to notice all that you have? Often we are so caught up in the pursuit of more, we forget to notice and decide what is enough. Who said that more is always better? Make a list of all the things you are grateful for. Begin to spend more time in a place of gratitude and your life will change. All those powerful positive messages and experiences with money? Be grateful to those people in your life that have had a significant impact on you. All those negative or distorted messages? Give them back to their origin and let it go.

INVENTORY: We are often so focused on our financial assets contributing to our net worth, but what about all of those non-financial assets? Do an accounting of all of your assets, financial and non-financial - things like experience, credentials, your unique qualities, things that you're good at. Separate your net worth from your self-worth, and watch your assets grow and your relationship with money begin to shift.

CHOOSE: Once you have identified your beliefs about money, and understand their impact on your financial decisions and relationship with money, you can begin to be more mindful by choosing the beliefs and behaviours that serve in the achievement of your financial goals.. Choose your mindset. You'll begin to feel more empowered in your choices and in control of your money. You always are in control of your choices; choose gratitude over scarcity and you'll change your relationship with money. Choose beliefs about money that are positive and serving and trust in your self-worth to grow and sustain your net-worth.

Ever wonder what it would be like to feel in control and at peace when it comes to money? Magic, right? Often, immediately what comes to mind for most people is a response, something like "I need to have a lot of money before I can feel in control and at peace when it comes to dealing with it". While abundance does bring a momentary sense of peace - as does a good relationship with our financial advisors -a healthy relationship with money itself is key to feeling in control and at peace with what you have, regardless of the amount.