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Feb 28, 2012

Make Money Tricks

Perhaps, because of this, when money is used in magic, spectators invest a little more emotions in the effect than they normally would with a card trick for example. Especially if you are using money belong to them. For example, if you borrow a banknote from someone, and do a torn and restored banknote trick, chances are at the moment the spectator believes that their bill is genuinely being torn, you will get a strong emotional response from that spectator. The spectator cannot help but react emotionally if they believe their money is being destroyed because they see it as a desirable item of value that belongs to them that is being destroyed.
It is the emotional investment behind money magic tricks that makes them so powerful. If you compare that with a torn and restored playing card, whilst the spectators may be impressed with the effect, the emotional reaction will not be as strong as the item being destroyed is of little interest to them.

Coins in particular are very popular props for magicians to use. They are readily available and there is a wide variety of magic tricks that can be performed with them. Like card tricks, there are a wide variety of skills involved and tricks range from self working tricks to ones involving complex and sometimes difficult sleight of hand moves.
Emotional response to money magic tricks
Everyone these days, like it or not, is obsessed with money. Our lives revolve around it. Many of us dream of having lots of it. Its both a status symbol and the key that can be used to obtain virtually anything desirable in your life.

Many magicians like to use money as a prop when performing magic tricks. Money magic tricks with coins and with banknotes prove very popular with both magicians and spectators alike. But why is this?