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Feb 3, 2012

Why Use AdSense?

AdSense is still considered as one of the most valuable tool for website publishers. It allows someone to make money from sites that he had with ease. If used properly, AdSense can generate a huge income for them.
How can you begin to earn money through AdSense can be done easily and quickly. You will be amazed with the results to be obtained within a very short time.
Start with writing some quality articles with keywords that attract others. Many people who were given the gift or talent of being able to play with words. Writing activities into a very easy thing for them. Why not waste the gift and use that gift to be able to make money.
Actually there are three steps that must be kept in mind before you begin to make an interesting article for AdSense.
Keyword research. Find a subject, keywords and phrases are popular. Choose one that you think will attract many people.
Writing articles. Start writing original articles with the keyword of the topic that is obtained from the results of keyword research. It should be noted that search engines are very proud of the authentic article and in accordance with the request AdSense.
Quality of site content. Build sites that pick the quality articles related to Google AdSense ads. This would indicate that you are also a valuable asset for advertisers.
Laying the ads should be done with caution. Try to put your ads on places of interest to readers. According to the research, which is the ideal position is at the top left corner of your site.
Finally, AdSense has a tracking system that allows webmasters and publishers to track their advertising results at all sites. Therefore we have to compete so we are the best sites and generate lots of revenue.
Things you should know that, banners and skyscrapers is dead. Internet users usually ignore the advertising model like this. So this is no longer effective anymore
To really start this business, you must be focus and have a target to be achieved and such other business that you must not despair quickly.
Do not ignore your site and your AdSense if you have completed the assigned task. Spend a few hours to make some changes to the AdSense ads you manage to get a continuous income.
Lets try it and you will not regret participating in this AdSense program.

AdSense Information and Tips

Nearly every marketer or webmaster has heard about AdSense and the potential income you can earn. Unfortunately, most of these people aren't sure how to setup a profitable website, how to choose a good niche and what actions yield the best results. This article will provide a few tips, but it will not go into great detail about the actual actions in becoming a successful AdSense marketer.
Let's start with a brief explanation of what AdSense is all about.
Google's AdSense program is designed to help advertisers reach more consumers by using "real estate" on websites to display ads related to the advertiser's products and services. Targeted ads are displayed on related web pages. It is also designed to create income for webmasters. Essentially, it's an affiliate program delivered by Google, one major difference from most affiliate programs is that webmasters get paid (most of the time) from clicks, or actions, as opposed to sales.
AdSense uses technology to display content targeted relevant ads on participating websites. Advertisers bid on placement and mostly pay for clicks, meaning impressions are completely free. Ads can be in the form of text links, text and content blocks, and display ads. The advertiser gets exposure, the webmasters earns money and Google gets paid.
In addition to ad placement on websites, webmasters can choose to Google offers site owners custom search engines for their websites, which display ads after a search query. These ads look similar to ads you'd see after performing a query on More revenue can be earned by referring users to AdSense.
As a webmaster, you earn money every time a site user clicks on an advertisers ad delivered by AdSense. The amount of money made by each click can range from a few cents to several dollars, which is why finding the right niche is a key component to a successful AdSense career. Another key component is qualified traffic. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but earning large amounts of quality traffic is generally not an easy task.
Applying for a Google AdSense account is super easy. Just complete a quick form and give it a bit, you should be approved in no time. I'll warn you now, follow Google's terms of service and stay away from any tricky tactics, or you will be banned from the AdSense program.
Quick AdSense Tips:
1. Create website's you're passionate about, earning traffic from search engines is hard work and generally requires a lot of writing; you don't want to get stuck creating articles and content about stuff that puts you to sleep.
2. Don't be a racist and stay away from pornographic material. It doesn't fly with Google and 99% of advertisers.
3. Spend time deciding on a niche or niches. Celebrities get tons of searches, but click earnings are rarely more than a few pennies. Profitable niches are usually the most competitive, but if you spend enough time researching industries, you might find a good niche within a niche.
4. Try to find a niche that is popular, produces a lot of search queries, and gets a lot of long-tail searches. Long-tail searches are estimated to account for as much as 80% of all search queries. Best of all, they're easier to rank for and earn traffic.
5. Use Google's recommended ad sizes. I've tried them all and Google's right, their recommendations perform the best.
6. Try to keep ads above the fold (the higher the better), but don't junk the site. Try to keep everything looking clean and professional.
7. Produce quality content consistently and you will be rewarded. Google and the rest of the world hate stale websites. Keep things fresh and up-to-date.
8. WordPress blogs are super easy to setup and have tons of very valuable plugins created to help you succeed. Do a little research on Wordpress blogs to see if they're a good fit for you. There are hundreds of web hosts that have one-click WordPress install features.
If done properly, an AdSense career can be very profitable. Work hard in the beginning to find a great niche, and continue your hard work to build traffic. Don't click on your own ads, don't ask friends to click on your ads and focus on writing relevant content that will properly "theme" your website.

Make money with Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a program that allows businesses to advertise on other websites. The business pays Google when a consumer clicks on the link to take them to their website. Google pays some of the amount that it earns to the website owner than had the advert on their website. This can be quite an effective way of advertising. It is also a low cost form of marketing because it doesn't cost the website owner anything to host an advert and they earn money whenever a visitor clicks on the ad, regardless of whether that visitor buys anything or not.
The Importance of Maximum AdSense Content Relevancy
One of the most important ways to get the most out of the Google AdSense program is to make sure that Google puts the most relevant ads possible on your site. Visitors tare looking for content on their topic of interest and if they see relevant advertisements they are more likely to click on the ads than if the ad is not relevant to their topic of interest.
How do you improve your AdSense content relevancy?
Firstly, make sure there are ads that are relevant to the content of your or pages. It is useful to do this before spending time designing your site or developing your content.
If you are adding AdSense to an existing site which may have even been built with other monetization strategies originally in mind, you probably didn't check to see if other advertisers had developed ads for your market. It is important that there is a large range of ad inventory for a topic because if there isn't you are bound to end up with irrelevant ads which most likely won't be clicked on by visitors looking for something else.
Keywords are vital. You need a good balance between not too much content that is overstuffed with particular keywords to point of destroying readability and value, but material which makes sufficient use of relevant keywords that will attract relevant ads. Gurus maintain that using keywords with your titles and H1 tags is an excellent optimization as well.
Meta tags used to be a critical aspect of search engine optimization in general. Nowadays the search engines rely upon meta tags far less, but there is plenty of evidence to suggest that using ad relevant keywords in your page meta-tags does increase the relevance of the adverts displayed. So it can't hurt to make sure you make use of meta tags.
Try to avoid sub standard content anywhere on your page. Whilst your site may have great content in the main portion of the page, having irrelevant terms in sidebars, headers and footers can cause some damage. So take a close look at these navigational parts of the page and remove irrelevant information that can throw Google off the scent when their search engines are working out exactly what your page is all about. You can use AdSense's section targeting tool to remove those problem areas from AdSense's consideration completely, so long as you do not wish to show ads in those areas.
Focused articles
Make sure your content is sharply focussed on the topic that you are targeting. Don't write long articles that cover multiple topics, make sure that each article only addresses a single issue. In fact try to make your whole page about the one topic as much as possible. Some experts suggest that Google AdSense tends to reward single themed overall sites with more relevant ads. Although this may be an unproven rule, in makes sense that following the practice of focussing in one particular topic will lead to getting ads placed that are more relevant to that topic.
What can you do about Bad Ads?
Make sure you monitor your site on a regular basis so that you notice when irrelevant ads appear. Once you see them, add them to your blacklist for the site. Google AdSense gives you the ability to block individual ads via the Competitive Ad Filter. This will obviously improve your chances of getting more relevant ads placed that your visitors will actually click on.
Finally, make sure you give close consideration to which of your sites that you use AdSense on. For example mini sites and sites that you are using to try and make affiliate sales on are not usually good sites for Google AdSense, particularly if the product sales are significant. AdSense ads may distract your customers from joining your email list or buying the product.
Some sites that are mini-sites or eCommerce sites are around with AdSense at the bottom of their pages. This may be alright if the AdSense ads are obviously minor or secondary to the main content. The theory in this case would be that you may as well make a small amount of money from disinterested visitors that are about to leave the site without taking you up on the other features of the site that make you the most amount of money.
The more relevant ads are to the content and topic of your site, the more clicks you will get. Try to use Google AdSense as a partner in your money making site rather than a tools for you to use and abuse. Make it obvious to the bots what the main topic and keyword of your site is and eliminate irrelevant distracting content where possible. Used in conjunction with other proven Search engine optimization techniques can add to the money you make from your site, but when used badly can ultimately be a drain on revenue.

Get double pay with Google AdSense

If you want to get started with working and earning from home, one of the things that you should get familiar with is Google AdSense. Google AdSense is the most popular program that is used today for people who are making a living online. What you need to get started is to enroll your site or blog with AdSense and then promote your site. When you enroll in this program, you will be paid according to the number of times that each site guest will click on the ads that you have on your site.
How do I promote my site?
One of the best ways to promote your site is by writing articles. Write some articles related to the site or product that you need to promote. The best way to determine what to write about is by looking for the right keyword. Keywords are words or phrase that people type into search engines. When your article responds to the queries that most people have there is a big possibility for your article to be read and your ads to be clicked.
Make good articles and you will generate good traffic. Traffic is a term used to describe the number of people visiting our site or reading your articles. When you have more traffic, you will have a good probability of getting the ads in your site clicked which means more income for you.
The standard is to write 300-500 word articles that respond to the queries of the people or has relevance to the keywords that you have. Submit these articles to article directories that you can often access for free. Article directories like GoArticles, Ezinemark, or EzineArticles are three of the most prominent directories in the web that will help you promote your site. Upon submitting these articles you will find an author bio box usually located at the bottom of the submission page. Within this box, add a link of your site most preferably in HTML. When readers click these back links it will take them to your site which consequently means additional traffic for you.
The more articles you make, the more chances of driving the readers to your site. If you are not that into writing and you think that it will consume much of your time, there are a lot of people that you can hire to write for you. Another option would be to purchase a software that will help you optimize an original article and generate 20 more, but remember that original contents are better than duplicates. Make the content of your articles unique and informative. Avoid making long paragraphs within your article because it will make the article look boring.
These may sound hefty when especially when you are just starting out but it will be easier as you go along. Remember that your income will start once you enroll your site or blog in Google AdSense and you can increase your earnings from there by promoting your site.

What is AdSense?

There are quite a few ways a blogger or webmaster can make money from a website, the most popular being AdSense. This is because of ease of implementation and its effectiveness as a revenue source. This article will look at what AdSense is and a few important features.
What is AdSense?
This is a program that puts relevant advertisements on a webpage by inserting HTML code into the site. A webmaster has to sign up for the program in order to get the code, the ads and the revenue. When a webmaster signs up, they become a part of Google's display network where advertisers can run ads from AdWords. For instance, if the website is about pet food, an advertiser can choose to run ads about pet food on the display network in the AdWords platform and they will automatically appear in all blogs and websites that talk about pet food. Google shares the revenue from advertisers with the webmasters registered in it.
The higher the traffic a website has, the more clicks the AdSense ads will get and therefore the higher the revenues. This means that webmasters have to look for ways to maximize traffic. Some common methods for this include:
• Search engine optimization - Where a webmaster increases a site's SERP ranking for related keywords in order to get more targeted organic traffic.
• Buying traffic from high traffic sites e.g. search engines, social media sites etc.
• Developing high quality content in order to attract visitors to the site. This content can be written, video, audio etc.
• Link building - Where a webmaster looks for links from high traffic sites so as to get more referred traffic etc.
AdSense is a very good way for beginners to start generating revenue on the internet because they can only concentrate on the most important aspects i.e. getting high quality traffic.
Some of the types of AdSense that a webmaster can integrate into websites include:
• Feeds - This is where a webmaster can put ads to RSS feeds. A webmaster has to have at least 100 unique subscribers and the content must be completely unique.
• Mobile - This is where ads are run on mobile websites. The ads, code and landing pages are optimized for the mobile web in order to maximize earnings.
• Video - This are the ads seen in video content e.g. on YouTube. This allows a video advertiser to generate income from content created. A video advertiser has to have a minimum number of views per video in order to qualify for this type of AdSense.
• Domains - This is where a webmaster can place ads on domains being developed or not being used. This type is a good substitute for 'page not found' error messages. Only domains that follow Google's advertising policies are eligible for this type of AdSense.
• Search - This type allows webmasters to generate revenue from Google custom search boxes on websites.
In a nutshell, a webmaster looking for the easiest ways to monetize a website should go for AdSense before trying more complicated methods.

3 Secrets to Sky Rocket Your AdSense Profits

Google AdSense is a great way make money online and provide you with a very good monthly income but there are of course many things that you need to know in order to be able to build a successful AdSense site which continues to make you money even as you sleep by using the power of the internet.
By following these 3 simple tips you will increase your AdSense earnings and make much more money from your affiliate site by implementing some very simple but very effective changes to your site.
Tip 1 - Make sure you use the default Google blue palette colour
When you set up your AdSense blocks or units you need to make sure use the Google default blue colour but only for your titles of your ads. Also you need to choose the light grey colour for your text and URL. It does not matter what theme, colour background, or layout you use for your AdSense site, using this set up will increase your clicks and revenue for your site.
Tip 2 - Make sure you use a friendly AdSense theme
When you build your AdSense site you need to always use a theme which is going to compliment your ads by that you need a theme that is clutter free, fairly basic but still tidy, a theme which has a sidebar, and you need to be able to customize many different aspects of your sites structure. An excellent option is semi logic or semi loaded themes, they have great options and are a perfect choice for building affiliate sites with.
Tip 3 - Always only create content around keywords with a good CPC
When you build your AdSense site you dont just want to rush off and build an AdSense site around the first product or keyword that you think will make you money. You need to check each keyword for the CPC or cost per click to see how much advertisers are spending for there ads. You only want to create content around keywords which get a good CPC, good being around at least $1 per click as an average. Any lower and you will need a lot more traffic to make any reasonable income from your AdSense site.

Multiplying Your Profits in Adsense

The AdSense publisher network offered up by Google is probably one of the simplest ways to get started in the process of making money online - all you need to do is drop a little bit of JavaScript code onto an existing site, and then you're off - right? Wrong.
Tip #1: Niche Exploration:
The first thing you need to do when starting out with AdSense is to think about your niche and when I say think about it I mean really think about it. Here are some of the main things you should consider:
  • Whether or not it's something you are actually interested in doing; if you don't want to write about air purifiers then don't create a site about air purifiers.
  • Have a look at the competitive landscape. Analyse the top ten results for some of your main target terms and look at the backlinks pointing in, any traffic stats available in Google AdPlanner and any recent sales in this niche on or other online marketplaces. All of this information will help your build a picture on whether or not your time will be well spent.
  • Use advanced search operators to try and find unexplored niches. For example, try searching for " adsense" for a list of recent AdSense sales or auction in this particular marketplace.
Tip #2: Ad Placement:
It's common sense, really it is! When placing your Ads there are a few things you should consider, notably:
  • Whether or not the Ads fall above the fold. If they don't then consider re-positioning them: people can't click what they can't see.
  • Think about how you color your Ads - most people try to make their Ads stand out on the page but this is the last thing you should be doing (highlighting an Ad in orange isn't going to make someone click it). Rather, you should try and blend your Ads into your web copy.
  • The common sense tactic is to try and get your Ads in a position where they are going to draw the eye of your visitors without interrupting the flow of your web copy. Some webmasters will even place link units in the navigation bar (with a little bit of customisation, link units can take on the appearance of a navigation menu).
Tip #3: Take the horizontal approach
The biggest mistake people often make when it comes to AdSense is just stacking AdSense site on top of AdSense site, snapping up every exact match domain name in their niche and ending up with too much to manage and a whole collection of sites which say a lot but give very little back.
The best way to approach AdSense is to take the long-term approach, create quality content which people actually want to read and explore further and make them return for more. If you build quality content then the monetization aspect will typically take care of itself.

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Using Adsense To Make Money For You

While the Google Adsense program provides one of the easiest & most efficient ways to make really good money online, it does not create wealth for everyone who becomes an adsense publisher
In fact many publishers will struggle to reach the $100 payment threshold...

It therefore, unfortunately does require not only a bit of work but for an adsense publisher to generate meaningful cash it requires the publisher to know the ins & outs of Adsense as well as some of the lesser known Adsense secrets.

6 Adsense Secrets to Make $500 a Day in Google Cash

  1. Adsense Earnings Strategy

    Before embarking on your Adsense journey, give some thought as to your goals & how you want to achieve them.

    To illustrate the above, an Adsense publisher wanting to earn $100 a day in "Google cash" could set up 100 websites to earn $1 a day from each one or alternatively he could try & make $100 a day in Adsense revenue from just 1 website.

    Neither of the above scenarios are ideal & you should aim to have more than 1 site so that you don't have all your eggs in one basket & are subjected to all sort of fluctuations (search engines algorithm’s, market trends, etc).

    However, having too many sites leaves you with major maintenance, management and content issues so aim for somewhere in between.

  2. Topic - General or Niche

    You will need to decide on the topic of your website or blog - niche websites work better with adsense than general topics mainly because the ads that Google serves up are appropriately targeted to your topic & your site's traffic will also be targeted & more likely to click on your ads & generate Adsense money for you.

    Furthermore deciding on a certain niche for your site, in which you are an authority, will allow you to create content that adds to your expert status on the subject.

    It's also very important to ensure that your niche is one for which there is a certain amount of interest, eg. photography & not something for which there will be no advertisers & therefore no opportunity to make any money from Adsense.

    Remember that generally speaking the more popular the niche the higher paying the keywords will be & the more the savvy Adsense publisher will earn per click.

  3. Adsense Ad Placement

    While certain locations tend to be more successful than others, Google's "heat map" below illustrates the ideal placing on a sample page layout.

    Google Adsense ads

    The best performing ad placements are in dark orange fading to light yellow representing the weakest performing areas.

    Generally ads located above the fold tend to perform better than those below the fold and ads placed near rich content and navigational aids usually do well because users are focused on those areas of a page.

  4. Best Performing Adsense Ads

    The following is a list that is generally accepted as of the highest performing ad sizes...

    • 336×280 large rectangle
    • 300×250 inline rectangle
    • 160×600 wide skyscraper

    Whilst the above size ads may not always be suitable for your website or blog it is worth noting that these are the ones that out perform other Adsense ad sizes.

  5. Another Tip to Improve Your Ads' CTR

    Another Adsense trick that usually increases a site's CTR (Click Through Rate) is by blending your adsense ads into your site's content - you need to ensure that the Adsense ad does not actually look like an ad - allowing ads to look like ads will seriously dent your chances of making decent Adsense money.

    The Google Adsense program provides a color pallette which allows you to change border colors & shapes as well as backgrounds, text & url colors.

    You can therefore blend the ad in terms of its shape, size & color to blend in with the colors of your site's text & background.

    A worthwhile tip is to change all of your page hyperlinks to a high contrast color, like a bold blue for example, and then change the adsense title to the same color.

    Be sure to keep abreast with Google's Adsense policies as one of Google's latest policies state that Adsense publishers should not "format site content so that it is difficult to distinguish it from ads", which puts the blending issue into question.

    So if you are unsure of anything just visit Google AdSense Program Policies »

    Or Google's Webmaster Guidelines »

  6. Adsense Ad Maintenance

    It's a good idea to use include files for all your Adsense ad code.

    The benefit of this is that if you need to change an ad for whatever reason, all you need to do is update the code in the include/php file & then upload it to your server - the ad will then be updated site wide, ie. wherever it exists on your site - this is far easier than changing each ad on each page of your website.

So while making money with Adsense's set and forget, auto pilot type of arrangement is relatively easy, you aren't going to make anywhere near what you can from it unless you tap into the best Adsense brains in the business.

One of the biggest mistakes Adsense publishers make is not knowing the best strategies to employ to explode your Adsense earnings no matter what traffic your site is getting...

Make $100 A Day With AdSense

Google's AdSense program still offers internet entrepreneurs an easy way to generate a healthy online income. In fact some entrepreneurs depend entirely on AdSense for their online income & generate in excess of $10,000 a month in AdSense revenue.
However if you are one of those publishers who are struggling to make the $100 a month payment threshold, you will benefit form these tips to make $100 a day with AdSense.
Tips to make $100 a day with AdSense
The following AdSense tips are ones that you have probably heard of before but nevertheless they are worth repeating;
  • Position Ads Above the Fold
  • Blend Your Ads
  • Website Traffic
  • High Paying Ads
  • Relevant Ads
  • Set Up Channels
  • Best AdSense Ad Sizes

The best AdSense TipThe most important AdSense Tip that I can give you however, is to improve your CTR (Click Through Rate). So assuming all of the above AdSense Tips have been applied & your site optimized for , the best way to increase your AdSense revenue is to increase the CTR.
It's therefore important to monitor your CTR as it reflects the percentage of clicks generated per page impression. You can therefore compare your pages' CTR and tweak things to improve the lower performing pages and so on - setting up channels and using Google's tools will help a lot to optimize your AdSense ads CTR.
So in order to hit the $100 a day mark employ these AdSense tips to ensure that your site is AdSense ready and properly optimized to maximize your online earnings...

AdSense Tips about Crawling

Is your site performing poorly in AdSense? Then these AdSense tips may be of use.
AdSense Tips - Identifying AdSense Crawl Issues
It is time to check your "Site Diagnostics" under the "Reports" tab in your Google AdSense account. It might just be that Google AdSense is not able to gain crawler access to your web pages to be able to index same and display relevant ads. Your URL will thus be showing up as "blocked".
Please get it straight. Ads may currently be displayed but may be irrelevant ads or public service ads which of course will lower your click through rate.
It is important to understand that the crawler bots of Google AdSense is distinct from that of and AdSense's crawling of your site or otherwise do not affect your Google search ranking. Both these crawlers are also different from webmaster tools crawlers.
However, all three crawlers share a cache. They do this to help publishers conserve bandwidth which would not be the case if all crawlers were requesting the same pages.
AdSense Tips - Possible Causes Of AdSense Crawl Issues
Having determined that AdSense crawlers have no access to your site or specific posts, the next thing is to determine the possible reasons why this could be the case.
1. It could be that this is a temporary issue because your web host's server was down.
2. It could be of a more permanent nature such as crawler access being blocked as a result of incorrect specification in your robots .txt file or outright denial to bots.
Note that neither AdSense bots nor bots will violate the specifications in your robots .txt file by accessing a denied directory or file. In fact AdSense bots will only crawl content/posts populated with AdSense ads.
As a precaution however, please note that not all bots are this responsible and some will violate your instructions as specified in the robots .txt file and go ahead to crawl disallowed posts/pages. In cases of confidential information therefore, the best approach may be to specify passwords for such posts.
3. Where a post redirects from an original page and Google AdSense does not have access to the original page even though it has access to the page the original content redirects to, this can also be the genesis of the problem, as Google AdSense insists on sighting the redirect in place on the original page.
AdSense Tips - Resolving AdSense Crawl Issues
Identifying the causes of AdSense crawl issues will throw light on the appropriate method to solve these issues.
1. If caused by the server being down, then obviously, the solution is to contact your web host to have this sorted out soonest and if the fault is that of the web host and is recurring, it might just be time to change to a more reliable web host.
2. If the problem is caused by an absent or mis-specified robots .txt file content, then you should update as follows:
If you wish to have AdSense bots but no other bots to crawl your site, then you can insert this code in your robots.txt file
User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
If on the other hand you will want to grant all bots permission to access your site content, then you can add this code to the top of your robots.txt file in the root directory of your domain.