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Feb 12, 2012

Cheap Wedding Shower Invitations for a Budget Wedding

Planning your wedding can be quite stressful, especially when you begin to see the dollar amounts that are associated to all the necessary items. Thankfully, there are ways you can go about getting cheap wedding shower invitations. This will help you save money within the budget. These invites are typically not as extravagant as the invites to the wedding itself. Because of this, you can find ways to cut corners and have more money to put toward the ceremony.
When you have your shower invitations designed, go for the simplest design you can find. The more elaborate the cards, the higher the price will be. This does not mean that they invites have to look cheap. You can choose a quality designer who offers a white card with single color font. Black text is usually the best choice for a wedding shower invite. Sometimes this can look classier than an overdone invitation with all kinds of embellishments.
If you feel that you need these embellishments, you can choose to put them on the cheap wedding shower invitations yourself. It is likely to be more cost effective to get basic invites and add stylish things to them. If you are not sure how to go about it, enlist the help of a crafty family member or friend. Those that know about scrapbooking would be of great help when it comes to giving simply designed cards a more intricate look.
You can also save money on wedding shower invitations if you purchase boxed sets that have not been printed. You can then add your own text. This is good for those that are familiar with using a computer to design such stationery. If you go this route, you should look for the sets that only come with the invites and envelopes. Some more expensive packs come with inserts for the guest to use if they choose to RSVP. Others come with stickers to seal the envelopes. These additions are not necessary, and doing without them can make the price go down.
Look to buy in bulk when you purchase the stationery needed for the shower as well as the big day. You can save money when you buy a lot of items from the same place. You may be able to get your shower invites, wedding invites, and any favors you want printed all from the same place. Buying this much may entitle you to a discount on your order or free shipping, which will make the price of each item more affordable.
There are many ways that you can get a hold of cheap wedding shower invitations. Avoid going overboard with the design. The more intricate you want things, the bigger the price tag will become. Boxed sets that you have to add the text to are also an affordable option. Buying in bulk is another method to get invitations at a cheap price.

Where to Find Cheap Wedding Photographers

Photographers are very much in demand as all the occasions are becoming commercial and a means of increasing PR. The need of a great professional photographer for shooting the entire wedding function is not just desirable, but is also very important for a memorable wedding.
Weddings have now become so commercial and expensive that most people have next to nothing left moneywise for their honeymoon after a grand wedding celebration. Starting from the wedding dresses, gowns, renting out halls, decorations and serving guests, little is left for a very important part of the wedding, which is wedding photography. Most couples want those memorable moments photographed, so they can look on them for years ahead.
The question is how to get a great wedding photographer to make your event more memorable, while still staying in budget?
The task may be difficult, but if you have done advanced and detailed research on cheap wedding photographers, then you are that much closer to finding yours.
1. First of all, you have to make your wedding budget and allocate funding to prevent any potential problems or issues later.
2. The next step is to search while using all your resources to look for a professional but cheap wedding photographer in your locality (it is better to look for a photographer in your area, so that you don't have to pay them travel expenses and also it becomes easier for you to access them anytime). Look online and your phone book.
3. You can look on internet for affordable and professional wedding photographers in your area or city.
4. You can also take the help of your friends and family if they know any professional wedding photographer.
5. After you have found your desired photographer, negotiate over the price of wedding pictures and portraits, while staying in your budget.
6. Affordable photographers are hard to find, so make sure you sign an agreement with them to confirm their availability on your wedding day.
7. In order to make sure, you have chosen a good photographer, it is always advised to see previous photos or work for reference.
8. In order to make your wedding pictures memorable, always discuss in detail with your photographer about your demands and wishes so that he can take desired photos.
A wedding is a once in life event and it is totally in your hands to make it the most wonderful and unforgettable event of your life and of your partner's life. Just a little planning, research and hard-work is required and then you can plan the best wedding of your life! So make sure, while taking care of other arrangements, you don't miss your wedding photographer.
All the best for your wedding!

How to Plan a Cheap Wedding

There's no doubt about it, weddings can be expensive. The average cost of a wedding today is $20,000 - $25,000, and weddings are estimated to be a $25.3 billion industry. But don't worry if your budget cannot stretch for the most expensive custom-made gown, elegant invitation cards, or the top photographer, it doesn't mean that your wedding will be any less unique or special than anyone else's.
You just need a bit of guidance and a few tips to help you achieve the dream of your big day. Here are a few suggestions with tips on how to save on some of the more expensive aspects of a wedding.
Wedding Gowns
Do you really need a hand-made wedding dress with beads and diamantes? This is where the big cost is and there are several options in cutting the cost. Why not opt for a second-hand wedding dress? It's probably only been worn once anyway and you can get a once expensive dress for half the price. Consider buying an evening gown/cocktail dress from a department store or look into renting your wedding dress for the day.
The Reception
This is where the cost of a wedding can get out of hand. The wedding reception is normally the biggest expense, but one of the easiest to cut down on costs. Statistics show that an average of 189 guests attend a wedding, this is a lot. Try and keep your guest list to a minimum, do you really need to invite family members who you have never seen for years? Instead of a three-course meal why not opt for a hot and cold buffet (even cater for yourself)? Instead of holding the reception in an expensive hotel suite or wedding reception, why not consider having it at someone's home or a club, or even book a restaurant. Keep an open bar to a minimal and only serve beer, wine and soft drinks.
The obvious choice is to shop around for the best rates, but consider hiring a photographer for the ceremony only and ask a family member or friend to take snap photos of the reception. Or you could go one step further and ask them to take the photographs for the whole day and not bother with the expense of a photographer at all.
Invitations / Stationery
If you're on a budget and looking for cheaper wedding stationery items, then you might like to consider print-at-home stationery. There are many online stationer's that will offer this service free of charge. You pay for the paper and envelopes, then use their software to print directly from your own PC. With sophisticated customization tools you'll be able to enter your own text and preview it before you print so as not to make any costly mistakes. Alternatively, you can buy software and do-it-yourself from your PC.
Flowers can be another great expense, but also an unnecessary one. Why not buy wholesale flowers, or pick flowers from your garden (or a friends or relatives). Buy plain gold or white gold wedding bands as these are the cheapest. Get a friend to make your wedding cake for you and opt for a smaller tier cake and it doesn't have to be a fruit cake - try a sponge, chocolate or carrot cake! Make your favors and center-peices yourself. Accessories for these can be found at little outlet stores or online. Lastly, instead of a limousine why not rent a car or borrow a luxury car from a friend or relative?
Weddings are expensive if you want them to be. But if you want to keep money aside for a deposit on a house or a honeymoon to remember, then there are many cost cutting ideas. All you need is a little imagination, and some help from friends and family and you too can have a luxury wedding with all the trimmings.

Cheap Wedding Rings Can Be Perfect

The wedding ring is perhaps the most important gift given as a symbol of love in the life of every couple. But every couple goes through difficult financial problems at some point or another, but especially during the period of their marriage, during this time spending too much money on one item may not be such a good idea. Although the importance and significance of the ring is huge, a beautiful cheap wedding ring may be the best option.
The standard cheap wedding ring may seem simple and unappealing, so before rushing to buy it, you should do some market research to find the ring that suits your desires best. The search could seem long and frustrating but it`s always worth it to spend some time searching and finding the ideal cheap wedding rings instead of regretting later that you rushed and bought an unnecessarily expensive ring that you don`t really like.
The best deals are usually found on-line. The internet is practically filled with on-line shops selling extraordinary cheap wedding rings at good prices. Filled with tons of information, offers and designs finding the right ring can be easy. The best part about shopping online is that you get to make your own choice, without the influence of a jeweler who is only trying to sell his product. With a simple search, reviews and opinions on the people who purchased the ring that interests you are available. If you found the ring that you like most, but you do not like the price, there are always other stores online who can deliver anywhere on the planet with low shipping fees, and if you don`t like the ring once you have it in your hand, you can always send it back and get your money refunded.
Even though the economy is not going that great today, the market is still filled with offers and sales. In the rare case where you simply cannot find that special ring at a price that you like, there is the option of designing the ring yourself. This way you can check the price of the ring using different materials and gems. Of course some are better than others but this is a matter of personal opinion. Some people would rather have a big diamond replica while others would simply prefer a small and finely cut colored diamond, or a wide silver ring instead of a thinner platinum one.
While searching for the ideal cheap wedding ring it is imperative that you keep focus on the reason why you are buying it, it is easy to get distracted with all the available designs and you can get lost in all that shining beauty, so always keep in mind that the ring that you buy will be on the finger of the woman you love "till death do us part".

Wedding Planning Ideas That Are Cheap

There are parents who still pay for their son or daughter's wedding will look for wedding planning ideas. However, more people are paying less for weddings because of the state of the economy. Cheap wedding ideas are perfect for those parents who need to save their money for retirement, but still plan a beautiful wedding. No one will be able to tell that the wedding was inexpensive to put together. A wedding day is a time of celebration of love between two people, and it should not matter how much the wedding costs.
One way parents use wedding planning ideas is to plan an outdoor wedding. Booking a church or other religious sanction costs money, and if people need to save money, an outdoor wedding is perfect. Often times, it does not cost anything to book an outdoor wedding. Parents who have large yards, or have a friend who has a beautiful property will loan their property without cost. The outdoor wedding can be the same place as the reception. This is perfect for people who have a tight budget, and need to find cheap wedding ideas. Churches and reception halls often can cost thousands of dollars, so it is a good idea if parents can find a place that has enough room to accommodate a wedding outdoors.
Parents can also choose to budget the reception dinner. Many times, serving individual plates to guests is the majority of the wedding cost. Having a buffet style so the guests can serve themselves is a cheap idea. The food will still taste great, but guests have to get the food themselves. Another way parents can reduce costs is to cook the food before the wedding, instead of hiring a caterer. Most families have a team of excellent cooks, and the only cost is the amount of food purchased for the wedding. Pasta, corn, hamburgers, and coleslaw are great buffet foods, which will also leave the guests full.
If a couple is willing, they can marry at the courthouse, and then afterwards throw a large reception in a park or a friend's backyard. This cuts the cost of the wedding to next to nothing, and everyone will still have a great time at the reception. People need to remember that a wedding is a celebration of bringing two families together for eternity, and not the cost of the couples wedding. A budgeted wedding can look as nice as an expensive wedding.

Cheap Las Vegas Weddings

Imagine the cheapest wedding you'd like. You have to pay the $55.00 fee for the marriage license and you have to pay someone to perform the service. Then there's the witness who must be present at the ceremony. And you have to perform the service somewhere, although it doesn't have to be lavish. There are many places in and around Las Vegas that will perform the service and provide the witness for as little as $40.00. And they'll even throw in a CD in the background featuring traditional wedding music.
You get there on your own, present your paid license and in a few short moments you'll be in front of a person licensed to perform wedding services in Las Vegas that are recognized around the world. Not exactly the wedding of your dreams but for $40.00 and the price of the license what did you expect. Go for another $60.00 and they'll throw in a limousine ride back to your hotel, a few photos taken with a disposable film camera that you'll get developed on your own, a bouquet of flowers and a boutonnière for the groom.
It really doesn't get any cheaper than that and you'll have more than just your memory of the event to take home and share with friends and family. Getting married on the cheap in any other city but Las Vegas would be, well, tacky. But cheap Las Vegas weddings have been turned into an art form, unequaled in any other city in the world. Anybody can spend a lot of money, but doing a fun wedding and reception on the cheap shows real talent!

Las Vegas Outdoor Weddings

You've dreamt of getting married in Las Vegas. You love the city for its nightlife, restaurants, and beautiful hotels. Besides, Las Vegas is also a great honeymoon spot. You and your spouse can enjoy a beautiful city.
But with all the choices for Las Vegas outdoor weddings, you can get confused. How can you plan your Las Vegas wedding so that you get everything you want? Well, you have three choices: you can hire a travel agent who specializes in Las Vegas outdoor weddings, or you can purchase a package yourself online, or you can plan everything yourself when you get there in order to have true control over every detail.
Basic questions
Whatever option you choose, though, you still need to answer the some basic questions. How big do you want your Las Vegas outdoor wedding to be? Do you want to have bridesmaids and a whole entourage, or will it be a small, quiet ceremony with only you, the groom, and some friends?
You also need to choose the location of your outdoor wedding. Las Vegas looks great from every angle, so this should not be a problem. Many people choose the Red Rock Canyon, which is especially breathtaking during sunrise and sunset. Some people who want to make their weddings more extraordinary have a "helicopter wedding," where they get married inside a helicopter flying over the Grand Canyon.
One-stop shop
Las Vegas is a great place to get married. Everything is within reach - great outdoor venues, posh hotels for honeymooning, casinos, and great restaurants. Choose Las Vegas outdoor weddings if you want to be different but still have the all the comforts and amenities at hand. It is perfect for the fun-loving, adventurous couple.

Cool Vegas Wedding Options - 4 Sizzling Vegas Wedding Deals

Las Vegas enjoys the votes of Nevada Magazine and the Review Journal Newspaper for the best wedding venues of all time.
So, if you want to give a twist to the regular chapel wedding and add a little funk to your wedding, select from these 4 popular Las Vegas wedding packages:
1. Flower Power and Disco Lights
The Disco theme is a ideal wedding package to pick up for a reasonable $700-$900.
This package will truly make you feel like you've stepped back in time to the groovy sixties with Austin Powers, floral aisle decor, trippy lighting and wedding attire designed along hippie lines while you keep pace with the John Travolta or Donna Summer double who can marry you off!
You can choose retro tunes, mood lighting and your favorite theatrical characters from the 50's, 60's or 70's in this package, which offers a swanky limo service pick up and drop off for the chosen chapel too!
2. Elvis for a Rocking Wedding
An irresistible combination of Elvis Presley's top hit songs playing in the background, loads of Elvis memorabilia gracing the wedding chapel, a minister who'll double for the King for you, showgirls dressed like Hula dancers against a Hawaiian backdrop and even a Priscilla double, should you need a showgirl to seal the deal!
All available at an affordable $750 and up, including theatrical lighting and colored fog machine effects for great wedding photos and videos.
Venue decor, music, beautiful rose bouquets, different professionally-arranged poses of the wedding couple and proofs are typically included in the Elvis package. For an additional fee, you can also get the Elvis impersonator to croon your sweetheart his or her favorite Elvis number and have the full wedding ceremony broadcast live on the Internet!
3. Cap an Otherworldly Romance by Going Gothic
Not everyone is an ultimate fan of sugary-sweet wedding packages. And when in Vegas, it's natural to feel a bit like letting down your hair, considering this is where all the action seriously is! So while slot machines, roulette and blackjack tables may not always find you a winner, you can hold the trump card when it comes to mixing funk with wedded bliss in Las Vegas by bypassing the regular wedding chapel in favor of a ghostly gothic theme!
Think wall accents and cutouts depicting vampire lore, or a complete Goth look with a fierce hairstyle, dark makeup and skull jewelry to match the foggy graveyard backdrop where Count Dracula can heart-stoppingly pop out of a coffin. Or, The Grim Reaper with his trademark scythe can tread closer to do the honors at your unique wedding ceremony. The cost of a typical Gothic theme wedding package at most Las Vegas chapels ranges from $600 to $900 and includes spectral music, chapel fee, and candle-lit effects for an authentic haunted venue look.
4. Wed about a Harley?
Okay, maybe that should have read 'what about a Harley?' But seriously, if you love a little living on the wild side, then Las Vegas wedding packages featuring two awesome Harley bike rentals for 24 hours is the way to go. The old-fashioned bridal bouquets and the groom's boutonniere, professional video footage of a candlelit ceremony, a sweet wedding scroll, having your own Harley wedding coordinator and the chapel fee taken care of for $800 sure beats getting married the conventional way!
Oh, did we mention, to acquire your wedding license for the Harley theme you need to have a valid motorcycle license? Now you know everything you need to have the Vegas wedding of your dreams!

12 Amazing Las Vegas Elvis Wedding Packages Under $299

"Viva Las Vegas!" sang Elvis Presley in 1964, as Lucky Jackson in his 1964 movie Viva Las Vegas. While the legendary singer/movie star may have moved on, there's no shortage of ordained Vegas ministers that look remarkably like him! Couples wanting to be married by the King himself have a variety of wedding options to choose from, including 12 complete packages all for under $299.
1. $177 - "Love Me Tender Elvis Package" available from the Wee Kirk O' the Heather Wedding Chapel
For over 70 years, the Week Kirk O'the Heather Wedding Chapel has been marrying lovebirds in Las Vegas. Up to eight guests of your choice can watch as Elvis walks the bride down the aisle and performs two songs. The package also includes a CD with five candid photos (including the copyright), the use of a bouquet, music, witness and a souvenir wedding scroll.
2. $185 - "Elvis Memories" Special available from The Elvis Wedding Chapel
Boasting the "friendliest service, the best value, and the best "Elvis" in Vegas", the Elvis Wedding Chapel has been featured on "The Girls Next Door", "Wild Weddings", CNN, PBS, The Australian Broadcasting Corporation and other television shows. This wedding package includes limo transportation to and from your hotel, a fresh rose presentation for the Bride, two songs performed by Elvis and a DVD of the ceremony to capture the memory of your special "Elvis Vows".
3. $199 - "Love Me Tender Elvis Wedding" available from Mon Bel Ami Chapel
Although not available on Saturdays, this wedding package does offer great value to couples wanting to tie the knot in front of Elvis. Included in the price is your favorite Elvis Hit sung by the King himself, a long stem rose for the bride, a boutonniere for the groom and a complementary ceremony photograph with Elvis on a CD. In addition to Sunday through Friday availability, a maximum of ten guests are permitted.
4. $199 - "Viva Las Vegas Elvis Wedding" available from Graceland Chapel
Be serenaded by Elvis as he sings the famous "Love Me Tender" melody, and then dance away to the classic "Viva Las Vegas" theme song after exchanging your vows at the Graceland Chapel. A long stem rose and boutonniere are included in the package, as is professional photography (prints sold separately). In addition, not only will you leave with your own wedding license, but you'll get a copy of Elvis and Pricilla's too! English, Spanish and French ceremonies are available at Graceland Chapel.
5. $199 - "Viva Elvis Package" available from The Las Vegas Wedding Chapel
Providing excellent value for the price, this wedding package actually includes the minister's fee! (A $60 value), as well as a generous digital image package (13 professional prints, including copyrights), a six-rose fresh flower bouquet and courtesy limo service for up to eight. As if this wasn't enough, Elvis will perform two songs and you'll also receive a copy of Elvis and Pricilla's marriage certificate.
6. $267 - "Burning Love Elvis Package" available from the Wee Kirk O' the Heather Wedding Chapel
The bride and groom and up to 12 of their guests will enjoy a mini-concert of three Elvis songs after a beautiful wedding ceremony. Literally translated from Scottish, as "The Little Chapel of the Lucky Flowers," Wee Kirk O'the Heather is Las Vegas' original wedding chapel and is a historical landmark in the city. Also included are eight candid photos on a CD (with copyrights), a fresh three-rose bouquet for the bride, a souvenir wedding scroll and a witness, if needed.
7. $269 - "It's Now or Never Elvis Package" available from Vegas Adventure Wedding Chapel
When it comes to your wedding, Vegas Adventure Weddings promises to "take all the stress out and put all the adventure in!" and this package does not disappoint. After arriving in a courtesy 2007 Superstretch Limousine (transportation provided for the bride, groom and up to four guests), Elvis will walk the bride down the 27 foot chapel aisle for the ceremony. Post "I-do"s, the newlyweds and their guests will enjoy three songs performed by Elvis. A single fresh rose presentation and boutonniere, as well as 12 photo images of the event on a CD (with copyrights) are also included. The best part of this package is the option to add on the lighting of 50 candles for an incredibly romantic atmosphere for only $40 more.
8. $275 - "The Elvis Wedding Special Package" available from Loveland Wedding Chapel
This Vegas wedding package perfectly merges the beauty and elegance of the hotel chapels with the affordability of the "Las Vegas strip chapels". Not only will you enjoy a hearing Elvis perform three songs, you'll also get to watch the performance time and time again with the video of the event which is included in this package! Also included are 25 digital photos, a silk bouquet for the bride and a boutonniere for the groom, and the use of the chapel for up to 20 guests.
9. $288 - "Elvis Wedding Package" available from Lily of the Valley Wedding Chapel
Located immediately across the street from the Las Vegas Marriage License Bureau, the Lily of the Valley Wedding Chapel believes in blessing your marriage, family, friends and associates. With 70 pictures and video, this wedding offers the most generous photo and video package of the "Under $299 Elvis Wedding Packages" of the group. In addition to hearing Elvis sing three songs, you'll also get to dance with Elvis as well as receive gifts and pictures signed by Elvis. A bridal bouquet and boutonniere round out the floral package, and if you need a witness the chapel can provide one, too. Notary, planning, and pre-marital counseling upon request and both Romantic religious and civil ceremonies are offered. Please note that the minister's fee is an additional $250 on top of the above listed wedding package fees.
10. $295 - "Elvis "Hound Dog" Wedding Package" available from the Elvis Chapel
As if enjoying Elvis perform three songs of his choice isn't enough of a treat, you'll get two pairs of Elvis sunglasses presented by Elvis while exchanging special "Elvis Vows"... and it will all be caught on the DVD video included in the package price! Also included are 35 high resolution digital photos on a CD and the option for a live Web Cam to capture all of the hip-shakin', Hound Dog action for those at home. Other package amenities include a six rose bouquet for the bride and a copy of Elvis and Pricilla's marriage certificate and complementary round-trip limousine service for up to six people. While gratuities extra, taxes are included in the listed package price.
11. $299 - "All Shook Up Elvis Package" available from Vegas Adventure Wedding Chapel
This Vegas Adventure Wedding Chapel package includes all of the amenities in the "Now or Never Elvis Wedding Package" listed above (including courtesy limousine transportation for up to six and three songs performed by Elvis), with the added romance of walking down a 27 foot aisle covered in rose petals and a two fresh rose presentation for the bride (and a matching boutonniere for the groom). Double the amount of photos are included on a CD (24 images in total) which alone makes this package worth the upgrade. You can also add on the lighting of 50 candles to create an incredibly romantic atmosphere for an additional $40.
12. $299 - "Blue Suede Shoes Elvis Package" available from The Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas
Elvis vows, a three song mini-concert and a first dance to an Elvis song of your choice truly epitomize the Vegas wedding experience! You'll be able to relive this entertaining wedding experience again whenever you choose with the high quality DVD of your ceremony, 25 Professional Digital Images (including copyrights) and the five 4x6 prints included in the "Blue Suede Shoes Elvis Package". Also included is a six rose fresh flower bouquet, a copy of Elvis and Pricilla's marriage certificate, a live Web Cam of the event, and courtesy limo service for up to eight people. And best of all, the minister's fees are included in the package price!
All of these 12 Elvis Vegas wedding packages offer great value, low-stress and an all-inclusive option for couples wanting to exchange vows in front of the King.
When choosing an Elvis wedding package in Vegas, however, you should be aware that many packages do not include taxes or gratuities. The minister's gratuity is typically around $60, while performers, limo drivers and photographers will also expect a tip. Your tip, of course, should reflect the level of service you feel you received and take into consideration the overall price paid for your wedding package.
Prior to confirming a wedding package you should always ask the wedding coordinator what the final price is for the package after taxes, and what he/she recommends as an appropriate gratuity.
You should also remember that wedding packages and pricing are subject to change without notice so it's best to contact the chapel directly for the most up-to-date wedding package information.

Las Vegas Western Theme Weddings

If you have always been into cowboys and horses, maybe a western theme wedding and reception is right for you. And for such a wedding, no place is better than Las Vegas. How do you set yours up so you do not need to hire a wedding planner? Here are ideas to help get you started.
Overall design. Most western theme venues in Las Vegas come complete with swinging saloon doors. You will also find wagon wheels around the room. They likewise provide catering services, and the staff is dressed in old west outfits. Enhance his look by adding personal effects, such as "wanted" posters with a picture of you and your spouse-to-be. Ask the venue manager if you can add props such as bales of straw at the reception hall to achieve a "barn" effect. If you have more time and a larger budget, why not add mock signage for a saloon, a general store, a western bank, a pony express office, and a jail?
Food. Most Las Vegas western-style reception venues serve good ol' ribs, steaks, and fried chicken. Ask them to serve side orders such as macaroni and cheese, baked beans, corn and carrots, etc. If you don't want a traditional wedding cake, why not serve pies instead?
Flowers. After the venue, the next thing you should decide on is flowers. Go for either bluebonnets (the flower of the State of Texas) or sego lilies (Utah). Dominant colors should be yellow orange, and red combined. Blues and greens are also common Western colors.
A cowboy hat can serve as the base for your centerpiece flowers. You can also use cowboy boots as vases! If your budget is limited, then use cheaper potted cacti instead. Lanterns or oil lamps could work, too.
Music. A player-piano would be great. Rent one complete with music scrolls. You can also hire a western singer (in a western get up). If you can stretch the budget, why not hire a square dance caller? Your guests will surely have fun dancing!