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Feb 8, 2012

How to Invest and Save Big Money in 2012 and Beyond

Wondering how to invest and where to invest money in mutual funds in 2012 and going forward without paying heavy sales charges, expenses, and fees? Here we spell it out for you so you can put your money to work and invest with confidence.
How much does it cost to invest $10,000 in a typical stock fund? This depends on where you invest your money. In a fund company that charges a 5% load (sales charge) it could cost you $500 up front just to invest your money. Then it could cost $200 a year for fund expenses, increasing as the value of your account grows. For a $100,000 rollover from your 401k you could be looking at $5000 off the top and $2000 a year plus perhaps $1500 a year in management fees for your "advisor" who handles your account. These are examples of how not to invest in 2012 and beyond.
The secret to how to invest money in funds is to put all of your money to work by avoiding sales charges called "loads. The secret to where to invest is to go with a fund company that offers funds that have no sales charges or extra fees; and also has low expenses. The one thing you can control is your cost of investing. The lower your cost the higher your net returns.
Here's how to invest and really put your money to work in stock funds and bond funds: go with NO-LOAD INDEX FUNDS. Here's where to invest: with Vanguard or Fidelity, the two biggest fund companies in America. How much will a $10,000 stock fund investment cost you vs. our first example? Zero for sales charges and maybe $25 to $50 per year for expenses. For a $100,000 rollover you could save $5000 up front plus $1750 a year in expenses plus $1500 a year for extra management fees!
Just search for NO-LOAD FUNDS on the internet and you will see names like Fidelity, Vanguard, and T Row Price. If you are not quite sure how to invest with them give them a call. Don't be afraid to ask questions. All fund companies want you to invest your money with them. That's how they make a living.
Investing money in 2012 and beyond could get tricky. You can not predict the markets, but you can control your cost of investing if you know where to invest and how to invest to get your money's worth.

Big Money in Mail - Help You to Earn Big Money

In today's world everybody is working hard to make money working online or offline in spare time or working as full time. In any job that makes money faster and one such work that appears simple for anyone who is interested in such money making is promoting sales at your leisure. It does not involve any buying or selling of any product and there is not hidden cost or any huge investment in this sort of business and one such website that helps you in this aspect is Big Money In Mail.
This system of Big Money In Mail works wonderfully well. All the advertisements, the postcards, the texts and all resources are given to you and you are required to just post them through email or the network to as many different countries to promote the sales. This does not call for any explanations or conversations or any convincing words with customers. No botheration of any licensing or registrations that may trouble you either.
The work is just as simple as writing out the email by sort of pasting what has been given to you in the different sites that promote such products as Big Money In Mail. If you have a partner in such a business then you will not only get benefit from the sale as a result of your work but you will get the added advantage of the extra income from every sale that results from your partner's work too. That is the extra leverage as it is called in business. So the more sale you can promote through just paperwork the more you will earn.
The payment to you in such Big Money In Mail business is done through the pay pal and alert pay system. You can earn hundreds of dollars daily by this system and don't need to get frightened by the expenditure involved as there really isn't any such investment required for this. Instead you get a big leverage for the work which involves all sorts of business without bothering you much.

Make Big Money Fast Online - Available Opportunities

The first opportunity to consider is writing articles for sale. Most webmasters require original articles for their websites but they cannot by themselves create these volumes of articles. Hence they could hire you to write some article of interest based on some few specifications. This can be rewarding especially when you are creative. Other individuals with different interest can also give you the chance to write articles for them to buy. These articles are sometimes with only about 300 words and sometimes less and cost around $5. You can even use about 10 minutes or less to finish this kind of articles. So you could imagine how much you could be earning if you could write 20 of such articles a day.
Another opportunity is to become an affiliate. Some companies will give you the chance to represent them online and you get paid on commission basis. Most companies are online and allow individuals to partake in an affiliate programs. As a result, you will be paid a percentage commission on any of their product you sell. Some affiliate programs pay as much as 45% and above as commissions. The best part of this is that, the company will have a website design for you. All you will need to do is to direct your network of friends there. When they are interested and make a purchase, the company automatically pays you to an account you will be asked to create upon sign up.
In addition, you can create your own websites to make big money on the internet. There are a lot of websites and webmasters readily available to aid you to design your own website or even take it and do it completely on your behalf. You can upload your own quality articles there to attract audience and to encourage quality traffic. You can also accept advertisement on your websites. So far as the website contains quality and useful information, traffic will be generated which will in turn encourage advertisers to do all sort of advertisement on your website which can generate a lot of money for you.
Besides, you can also embark on retailing. Many online auction sites are available ready for your free membership so that you can start selling. You will have the opportunity to showcase your products on these auction sites and sell to the highest bidder. All sorts of goods ranging from clothing, kitchen wares, machines, and many more is allowed for sale. Sometimes big profit margins are realized.
Also, you can make money online through completing market research surveys including customer satisfaction and intentions survey. Most companies are interesting in knowing how their products are doing in the market place with consumers. They may also want to know your views on a product they want to introduce to the market. For these reasons, they will require you to fill out a questionnaire for few minutes and be paid. You can be paid as much as $20 or more for each questionnaire you complete in some cases.
In doing business online, you have the luxury of being your own boss, having time for your family and have the greatest edge of achieving financial freedom. However, successful online businesses are owned by those who are dedicated and ready to put in extra work at least at the beginning of the business. If you can manage your time effectively in the early stages of your business and be a little committed, then making some big money online can be achieved sooner than later with some of the opportunities outlined above

Big Money's Miscalculation and Destruction of the Republican Par

The republican party has undergone massive transformations in the last 20 years. The first part of this era began with Regan republicans who were certainly for big business and this was the origin of the economics labeled "Trickle down Economics". The fundamental basis of this is that if corporations have excessive tax breaks, and operate in "Right to work" states, that the fortune made by big money would eventually trickle down into the salaries of the working middle class. It was during this period that big business began blitzkrieg of corporate financing of our congressional leaders.
Following this period, the new face of the republican party the "Neo Cons" moved into power turning America into a war machine actively looking for conflict. Big business was deeply involved in this new era as well. Halliburton, one of the worlds largest contract corporations (whom the vice president of this time was a board member) was allowed a no bid contract to rebuild the damage that we created as we deeply bombed Iraq.
Coming out of this era, we now have the extreme right wing fringe surfacing as the "Tea Party". This new face of the republican party, flaunts big money loyalty as the push forward now, is to eliminate workers rights, absolve all corporations of tax obligations and place the majority of the tax burden on the middle class.
Through all of this, corporate strategy was fully activated and gaining power and influence into state and federal governments while the public was arguing over the illusion of liberalism or conservativism.
The very clever strategy here is how big money corporations have infiltrated the conservative movement. The average conservative believes that the message delivered from the talking heads (political pundits) are the message of fundamental conservatives. For what big business wants, is somewhat similar to what fundamental conservatives want. Therefore big money is able to hide behind the ideal of conservatism as they orchestrate the destruction of the middle class.
Conservatives want less taxes. Big money wants less taxes. Conservatives want less government. Big money wants less regulation. All very similar of course. And there is nothing wrong with the conservative view of lower taxes and less regulation.
The slight of hand here, was in big money spending billions of dollars to get their message out, through their personal servants who are paid, and paid well. Spreading the corporate message through notorious radio and TV hosts; talking pundits all providing the same message to the conservative. All these talking points so similar to the conservative ideal, never noticing the hood wink that has prevailed.
The corporate message having completely overtaken all sense of logic and common sense. Why would any middle class person be against the upper-class of America to pay a 39 percent tax rate as opposed to the current 35 percent? Why would a middle-class person be opposed to the middle class having rights to negotiate a fair salary? Sounds kind of fishy doesn't it?
This sounds very much like a prisoner of war, protesting that all the prisoners are receiving too much food. Not only are they receiving too much food, but he feels that no prisoner has the right to point out if a guard is unfairly beating another prisoner. Sounds like this guy is either crazy, or maybe he's just brainwashed by his oppressors?
Well this country is largely made up of independents. The independents can smell a rat! Even as the fringe of the conservative party has been all but brain washed into being the mouth piece for big business, the fundamental conservatives are almost beginning to wake up too.
The recent National Deficit debate is all too well pointing out the discrepancy in fundamental conservatism and the Corporate conservatism that is now in power. This debate is shining light on the true motives behind our elected politicians and whom they truly serve. The public, is waking up.
This could spell the beginning of the end for the republican party. Fundamental conservatism will still live, as that is simply the nature of a large percentage of the population. Yet, their party is quickly heading for demise. And who's to blame? Is it the Tea Party? Or is it the corporations who have infiltrated not only the conservative movement, but the entire government and media?

Earn Big Money Online

The internet has come to stay and the overwhelming opportunities therein to make lots of cash are very enormous. People around the world today are making tons of cash from the internet, operating with the right information and from their home. Indeed, there are vast opportunities to make real cool money online than you can imagine. What matters here is your ability to identify what you really want for your self. As well to develop a positive attitude in pursuing your online goal as you get your priorities right.
Now let me talk about a powerful program that deals with the issue 'How to earn big money online'.
If you are considering getting involved and earn money online then you should be thinking of affiliate marketing (the big way).
What is affiliate marketing?
Affiliate marketing is an online business model that provides you as opportunity to earn commission cheque in return for promoting and selling products online.
Affiliate marketing business is an extremely lucrative business and it is centered on a win-win situation between the affiliate marketing entrepreneur and the merchant. Though affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme, but a fantastic that can gradually build for you a life time wealth empire.
The procedures
In affiliate marking what is required first is that you sign up for one or more affiliate programs. Incase you don't know where or which one to sign up for, ClickBank is a good place to do that.
After signing up you can then generate an affiliate link for one or more products. This link will enable you promote and sell the ClickBank chosen product and your sales will be tracked to your account thereby earning you commission. To explain further, when you start promoting this products online sending traffic to the merchant site, through you affiliate link, when such a visitor to makes a purchase of the product it will be traced to your affiliate link and your account will be credited by the percentage of sales commission offered. Know that the more you drive traffic or send visitors to the merchant's site and they make purchases, the more commission you get on each product sold.
You don't have to bother you're your head about how the transaction takes will be made or how the item purchased will be shipped and handled. At the end of the transaction the merchant get paid and you get your commission as well, that's all!