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Feb 8, 2012

Big Money's Miscalculation and Destruction of the Republican Par

The republican party has undergone massive transformations in the last 20 years. The first part of this era began with Regan republicans who were certainly for big business and this was the origin of the economics labeled "Trickle down Economics". The fundamental basis of this is that if corporations have excessive tax breaks, and operate in "Right to work" states, that the fortune made by big money would eventually trickle down into the salaries of the working middle class. It was during this period that big business began blitzkrieg of corporate financing of our congressional leaders.
Following this period, the new face of the republican party the "Neo Cons" moved into power turning America into a war machine actively looking for conflict. Big business was deeply involved in this new era as well. Halliburton, one of the worlds largest contract corporations (whom the vice president of this time was a board member) was allowed a no bid contract to rebuild the damage that we created as we deeply bombed Iraq.
Coming out of this era, we now have the extreme right wing fringe surfacing as the "Tea Party". This new face of the republican party, flaunts big money loyalty as the push forward now, is to eliminate workers rights, absolve all corporations of tax obligations and place the majority of the tax burden on the middle class.
Through all of this, corporate strategy was fully activated and gaining power and influence into state and federal governments while the public was arguing over the illusion of liberalism or conservativism.
The very clever strategy here is how big money corporations have infiltrated the conservative movement. The average conservative believes that the message delivered from the talking heads (political pundits) are the message of fundamental conservatives. For what big business wants, is somewhat similar to what fundamental conservatives want. Therefore big money is able to hide behind the ideal of conservatism as they orchestrate the destruction of the middle class.
Conservatives want less taxes. Big money wants less taxes. Conservatives want less government. Big money wants less regulation. All very similar of course. And there is nothing wrong with the conservative view of lower taxes and less regulation.
The slight of hand here, was in big money spending billions of dollars to get their message out, through their personal servants who are paid, and paid well. Spreading the corporate message through notorious radio and TV hosts; talking pundits all providing the same message to the conservative. All these talking points so similar to the conservative ideal, never noticing the hood wink that has prevailed.
The corporate message having completely overtaken all sense of logic and common sense. Why would any middle class person be against the upper-class of America to pay a 39 percent tax rate as opposed to the current 35 percent? Why would a middle-class person be opposed to the middle class having rights to negotiate a fair salary? Sounds kind of fishy doesn't it?
This sounds very much like a prisoner of war, protesting that all the prisoners are receiving too much food. Not only are they receiving too much food, but he feels that no prisoner has the right to point out if a guard is unfairly beating another prisoner. Sounds like this guy is either crazy, or maybe he's just brainwashed by his oppressors?
Well this country is largely made up of independents. The independents can smell a rat! Even as the fringe of the conservative party has been all but brain washed into being the mouth piece for big business, the fundamental conservatives are almost beginning to wake up too.
The recent National Deficit debate is all too well pointing out the discrepancy in fundamental conservatism and the Corporate conservatism that is now in power. This debate is shining light on the true motives behind our elected politicians and whom they truly serve. The public, is waking up.
This could spell the beginning of the end for the republican party. Fundamental conservatism will still live, as that is simply the nature of a large percentage of the population. Yet, their party is quickly heading for demise. And who's to blame? Is it the Tea Party? Or is it the corporations who have infiltrated not only the conservative movement, but the entire government and media?