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Feb 3, 2012

Make money with Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a program that allows businesses to advertise on other websites. The business pays Google when a consumer clicks on the link to take them to their website. Google pays some of the amount that it earns to the website owner than had the advert on their website. This can be quite an effective way of advertising. It is also a low cost form of marketing because it doesn't cost the website owner anything to host an advert and they earn money whenever a visitor clicks on the ad, regardless of whether that visitor buys anything or not.
The Importance of Maximum AdSense Content Relevancy
One of the most important ways to get the most out of the Google AdSense program is to make sure that Google puts the most relevant ads possible on your site. Visitors tare looking for content on their topic of interest and if they see relevant advertisements they are more likely to click on the ads than if the ad is not relevant to their topic of interest.
How do you improve your AdSense content relevancy?
Firstly, make sure there are ads that are relevant to the content of your or pages. It is useful to do this before spending time designing your site or developing your content.
If you are adding AdSense to an existing site which may have even been built with other monetization strategies originally in mind, you probably didn't check to see if other advertisers had developed ads for your market. It is important that there is a large range of ad inventory for a topic because if there isn't you are bound to end up with irrelevant ads which most likely won't be clicked on by visitors looking for something else.
Keywords are vital. You need a good balance between not too much content that is overstuffed with particular keywords to point of destroying readability and value, but material which makes sufficient use of relevant keywords that will attract relevant ads. Gurus maintain that using keywords with your titles and H1 tags is an excellent optimization as well.
Meta tags used to be a critical aspect of search engine optimization in general. Nowadays the search engines rely upon meta tags far less, but there is plenty of evidence to suggest that using ad relevant keywords in your page meta-tags does increase the relevance of the adverts displayed. So it can't hurt to make sure you make use of meta tags.
Try to avoid sub standard content anywhere on your page. Whilst your site may have great content in the main portion of the page, having irrelevant terms in sidebars, headers and footers can cause some damage. So take a close look at these navigational parts of the page and remove irrelevant information that can throw Google off the scent when their search engines are working out exactly what your page is all about. You can use AdSense's section targeting tool to remove those problem areas from AdSense's consideration completely, so long as you do not wish to show ads in those areas.
Focused articles
Make sure your content is sharply focussed on the topic that you are targeting. Don't write long articles that cover multiple topics, make sure that each article only addresses a single issue. In fact try to make your whole page about the one topic as much as possible. Some experts suggest that Google AdSense tends to reward single themed overall sites with more relevant ads. Although this may be an unproven rule, in makes sense that following the practice of focussing in one particular topic will lead to getting ads placed that are more relevant to that topic.
What can you do about Bad Ads?
Make sure you monitor your site on a regular basis so that you notice when irrelevant ads appear. Once you see them, add them to your blacklist for the site. Google AdSense gives you the ability to block individual ads via the Competitive Ad Filter. This will obviously improve your chances of getting more relevant ads placed that your visitors will actually click on.
Finally, make sure you give close consideration to which of your sites that you use AdSense on. For example mini sites and sites that you are using to try and make affiliate sales on are not usually good sites for Google AdSense, particularly if the product sales are significant. AdSense ads may distract your customers from joining your email list or buying the product.
Some sites that are mini-sites or eCommerce sites are around with AdSense at the bottom of their pages. This may be alright if the AdSense ads are obviously minor or secondary to the main content. The theory in this case would be that you may as well make a small amount of money from disinterested visitors that are about to leave the site without taking you up on the other features of the site that make you the most amount of money.
The more relevant ads are to the content and topic of your site, the more clicks you will get. Try to use Google AdSense as a partner in your money making site rather than a tools for you to use and abuse. Make it obvious to the bots what the main topic and keyword of your site is and eliminate irrelevant distracting content where possible. Used in conjunction with other proven Search engine optimization techniques can add to the money you make from your site, but when used badly can ultimately be a drain on revenue.