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Feb 3, 2012

AdSense Information and Tips

Nearly every marketer or webmaster has heard about AdSense and the potential income you can earn. Unfortunately, most of these people aren't sure how to setup a profitable website, how to choose a good niche and what actions yield the best results. This article will provide a few tips, but it will not go into great detail about the actual actions in becoming a successful AdSense marketer.
Let's start with a brief explanation of what AdSense is all about.
Google's AdSense program is designed to help advertisers reach more consumers by using "real estate" on websites to display ads related to the advertiser's products and services. Targeted ads are displayed on related web pages. It is also designed to create income for webmasters. Essentially, it's an affiliate program delivered by Google, one major difference from most affiliate programs is that webmasters get paid (most of the time) from clicks, or actions, as opposed to sales.
AdSense uses technology to display content targeted relevant ads on participating websites. Advertisers bid on placement and mostly pay for clicks, meaning impressions are completely free. Ads can be in the form of text links, text and content blocks, and display ads. The advertiser gets exposure, the webmasters earns money and Google gets paid.
In addition to ad placement on websites, webmasters can choose to Google offers site owners custom search engines for their websites, which display ads after a search query. These ads look similar to ads you'd see after performing a query on More revenue can be earned by referring users to AdSense.
As a webmaster, you earn money every time a site user clicks on an advertisers ad delivered by AdSense. The amount of money made by each click can range from a few cents to several dollars, which is why finding the right niche is a key component to a successful AdSense career. Another key component is qualified traffic. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but earning large amounts of quality traffic is generally not an easy task.
Applying for a Google AdSense account is super easy. Just complete a quick form and give it a bit, you should be approved in no time. I'll warn you now, follow Google's terms of service and stay away from any tricky tactics, or you will be banned from the AdSense program.
Quick AdSense Tips:
1. Create website's you're passionate about, earning traffic from search engines is hard work and generally requires a lot of writing; you don't want to get stuck creating articles and content about stuff that puts you to sleep.
2. Don't be a racist and stay away from pornographic material. It doesn't fly with Google and 99% of advertisers.
3. Spend time deciding on a niche or niches. Celebrities get tons of searches, but click earnings are rarely more than a few pennies. Profitable niches are usually the most competitive, but if you spend enough time researching industries, you might find a good niche within a niche.
4. Try to find a niche that is popular, produces a lot of search queries, and gets a lot of long-tail searches. Long-tail searches are estimated to account for as much as 80% of all search queries. Best of all, they're easier to rank for and earn traffic.
5. Use Google's recommended ad sizes. I've tried them all and Google's right, their recommendations perform the best.
6. Try to keep ads above the fold (the higher the better), but don't junk the site. Try to keep everything looking clean and professional.
7. Produce quality content consistently and you will be rewarded. Google and the rest of the world hate stale websites. Keep things fresh and up-to-date.
8. WordPress blogs are super easy to setup and have tons of very valuable plugins created to help you succeed. Do a little research on Wordpress blogs to see if they're a good fit for you. There are hundreds of web hosts that have one-click WordPress install features.
If done properly, an AdSense career can be very profitable. Work hard in the beginning to find a great niche, and continue your hard work to build traffic. Don't click on your own ads, don't ask friends to click on your ads and focus on writing relevant content that will properly "theme" your website.