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Feb 13, 2012

Cheap Bread Machine

Bread is able to smell and taste really good even when baked in a cheap bread machine. A cheap bread machine is fine to use as long as it works the way you want it to work and performs up to your needs. You do not have to purchase an expensive bread machine to have bread results that taste like it came straight from a deli or bakery. The key is to get a machine that offers the best quality for the money that you will be spending.
There are a few cheap bread machines that will produce a high quality bread loaf. The cheaper ones offer different features and functions but you are sure to find one that meets your cooking habits. Think about what you will want from the bread machine before buying it. Decide if the machine will be able to produce the bread just how you want it. Figure out if you want a machine that can produce small loaves or large ones. A few low cost bread machines are highly rated and can offer great quality bread for the money.
The Toastmaster TBR15 bread machine is one that can be purchased for $40. It comes in a basic and simple design. Its exterior is a white plastic shell with a window for viewing. The controllers are easy to use. The TBR15 is able to make a loaf that is 1.5 pounds, which is a feasible sized loaf for a small family. This bread machine has 8 baking cycles. It also has an audible alert that lets you know when to add any other ingredients you may need, like nuts or fruits.
Sunbeam makes a 5891 bread machine that is around $40. It has 12 baking cycles that includes a jam cycle. The Sunbeam 5891 is a little bit larger than the Toastmaster TBR15, and can make 1.5 pound loaves and 2 pound loaves. It takes one hour for a loaf to bake from start to finish. The Sunbeam 5891 is made up of a white plastic exterior (similar to the Toastmaster TBR15), but it has a style that is a little more attractive than the Toastmaster. Both the Toastmaster TBR15 and the Sunbeam 5891 are the same in how they produce, but the Sunbeam would be the best choice if you wanted more baking cycles and a prettier style.
For just a few dollars more, Oster makes a 5838 ExpressBake bread machine. This is a little nicer than the two mentioned above. The Oster ExpressBake has rounded corners and comes in an oval shape, giving it its sleek appearance. The Oster has 8 baking cycles that include three crust options. In one hour, you can have a delicious loaf from start to finish. It makes a loaf up to 2 pounds. The delay timer is 13 hours with a 60 minute function that keeps the bread warm after it has baked.