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Mar 1, 2012

AdSense: Script

It’s totally free and I encourage you to use it in whatever way you wish. As ever, I outsourced the overwhelming majority of the work, so can’t take all the credit really. If it ads some joy to your life, you’re welcome to buy me a coffee!

Want to build your own AdSense revenue predictor or mobile app? You can download the script here –  on the house.

The code is fairly well documented. You’ll need to populate with your AdSense and SQL credentials. If you want to plug-in your own intraday trend (no two accounts will be the same, after all), collect the data into SQL, make some averages and then plug the data into the file.

Since this involves sensitive data, make sure you’re running this on a server you control/trust and take precautions to keep your information safe (protecting the directory, for example). You can execute gas.php via the command line, or better yet, as a CRON job.