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Feb 9, 2012

Save Money With Cheap Wedding Favors

Nowadays, planning a wedding can cost a fortune. Luckily, there are some ways that can help you save a sum, one of which is to buy cheap wedding favors. However, this doesn't mean that you will end up giving unappealing giveaways to the guests. Rather with just a bit creativity and imagination, you will be able to distribute memorable wedding favors, without breaking your bank.
Regardless of what type of wedding you want to have, it is a good gesture to give wedding favors to your guests. Though it is not mandatory, but you can easily thank your family and friends by doing it. Also, since rarely does someone come in the wedding without something for the couple, a wedding favor can make a thoughtful present to show appreciation to those who took effort of providing gifts for the couple. If you have a long list of people to attend, then wedding favors can get very expensive, which is why you might likely look for cheap favor ideas that look great.
Presentation is always a plus. If you'll be able to make the cheap item look good, no will notice that it was bought in a cheap price. Just be creative with your choice. There are lots of inexpensive items you can find at dollar stores, wholesale stores, clearance sections, and stores online. Purchase in bulk so you can get a good discount from a wholesale dealer. Anything from candies, candles, to soaps and other novelty items can be ordered in a big volume. Basically, what you will need to have for these novelty items are beautiful wrappers or containers to package them. Favor bags, boxes, tins, mason jars, and little baskets come in many different styles and at different cheap prices. You can also purchase them in bulk quantity at your local craft store or online. Some couples have used these little containers for their candy, chocolates, cookies, cupcakes, almonds, mints, or even honey or jam favors. They can also be personalized with printed tags, stickers, labels, or custom ribbons.
Given that you'd like to purchase favor boxes, keep in mind that there are elaborated boxes that cost high than what you expect from a simple favor box. Little boxes shaped like a wedding cake or bridal gown are obviously nice, but what you really want are those that fit your budget.
Another way to save money with cheap wedding favors is look for inexpensive items that can double as table decors. Meaning, if you already found them, you don't have to spend another amount to decorate the reception, as favors are enough to create an appealing look on each place setting.
Shop online if you really want inexpensive favors in no time. Anytime of the day, you are free to browse the Internet and visit websites that specialize on weddings and wedding supplies. What makes shopping online economical than the traditional shopping we normally do is that online stores price their products cheaper unlike local vendors. Their reason is they don't have too many overhead expenses, like rental fees and they don't have too many staff compensate. Online wedding stores can offer almost everything that a wedding will need, from bridal gowns, tuxedos and bridal accessories, unity candles and other important wedding ceremony accessories, to reception supplies, wedding favors and a lot more.