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Feb 9, 2012

Cheap Wedding Invitations - Saving Money Without Sacrificing Style!

Cheap wedding invitations do not have to look cheap!
Wedding invitations can be one of the most expensive pieces of your wedding budget, but also one of the most important. The wedding invitation is the first clue that your friends and family receive about the style and tone of your wedding.
A great invitation is the first step to setting the stage for a beautiful day that everyone will remember. Unfortunately, too many brides try to skimp on their wedding invitations and make mistakes that leave them with invitations that they would rather forget!
You can save big money and still end up with invitations that you can be proud of by following these few simple strategies:
Stay flexible - Too many brides get tunnel vision when they shop for \invitations. They find "the one" design and nothing else will do. This type of pickiness is a good thing when choosing a mate, but not such a good thing when trying to get the best deal on invitations!
By staying flexible, you can save hundreds of dollars. The key is to find a general category of invitation style that you prefer and then shop for the best deal within that style. Be willing to accept slight differences in style and you will be rewarded with big savings!
Know your options - Now, more than ever, you have an amazing variety of ordering choices available to you. The old days of having to visit your local printer and spending hours looking through their catalogs are long gone. You now have the option of ordering online, shopping at major retail stores, utilizing national copy chains and, of course, still visiting your local printer.
Leveraging all these resources is the best strategy for saving money on your wedding invitations. You'd be surprised at how different the pricing can be on the very same invitation, at different companies. Only by spending the time to shop all the different invitation outlets, will you be sure you are getting the absolute best deal!
Be prepared - Once you've done your research, the next step is to organize the final details of your invitations. Make sure you calculate exactly how many invites you'll need, what the wording should say, etc. By being prepared, you'll avoid the "budget creep" that causes so many brides to go over budget!