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Feb 14, 2012

Amazing Rice Cooker Chocolate Cake

My new “smart” electronic rice cooker that bakes :lol:
My chocolate cake that was amazingly cooked in a rice cooker
Good evening, dear friends :D
Yesterday, I used my new rice cooker for the first time and instead of cooking rice in it, I baked a chocolate cake! Yes! I BAKED a cake in it – not steamed, not boiled :lol:
I had followed a recipe that came with the rice cooker and I wasn’t really having any great expectations of a cake baked in a rice cooker, but I was really amazed by the light and fluffy cake texture that was evenly cooked throughout – no burning, no hard bits at the bottom (as the heat in the rice cooker comes from the bottom)…a perfectly normal looking and tasting cake as we would have it if it were baked in an actual oven! :shock:
All I did was prepare the cake batter in my mixer, pour it into the non-stick, greased rice pan, set the menu to “Cake” and the timing for the baking to 50 minutes and it was all set to go. When the cake was done, there was a beeping sound to tell me that the cake and the rice pan were ready to be removed from the rice cooker. I let them cool for 5 minutes and it was easy inverting the cake onto a plate. I did the chocolate fudge separately and I admit that I am not very good at spreading frosting, hence the dodgy picture! :lol:
Voila! There you have it – a chocolate cake baked in a rice cooker! :D
Added – 29 March, 2009
My Rice Cooker Chocolate Chip Cake
Ingredients for Cake -
Butter 130 gm
Castor Sugar 120 gm
Eggs 3
Self Raising Flour 150 gm, sifted
Chocolate Chips 30 gm
Vanilla Essence 1/2 tsp
Ingredients for Cocoa Mixture -
Cocoa Powder 30 gm
Sugar 70 gm
Water 110 ml

1) Cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy
2) Add in eggs, one at a time, and continue to beat for 2 minutes
3) Add vanilla essence
4) Fold in sifted flour and cocoa mixture alternatively, beginning and ending with flour mixture
5) Add chocolate chips and mix well
6) Pour mixture evenly into greased rice cooker pan/pot
7) Select “Cake” function on the Rice Cooker Menu, and set timer to 50 minutes
8 ) When cake is done, remove the pan/pot from the Rice Cooker
9) Let cake cool for 2 minutes before inverting cake slowly onto a plate to cool
10) Decorate cake before serving
Here are the ingredients to other types of cakes. The preparation method is similar to the one above.
Rice Cooker Prune Cake
Butter  125 gm

Sugar  200 gm

Eggs   2

Vanilla Essence       1/2 tsp

Self Raising Flour   180 gm

Baking Soda (sifted with flour)    1/2 tsp

Water   70 ml

Prunes, steamed and cut    120 gm
*** Sifted flour and water is to be added  alternately into the batter
Rice Cooker Orange Butter Cake
Butter   135 gm

Castor Sugar   135 gm

Orange Rind  12gm

Eggs   3

Vanilla Essence   1/2 tsp

Orange Juice   1 tbsp

Self Raising Flour, sifted   190 gm

Fresh Milk    1/2 cup
*** Note – Orange Juice is to be added with water, and the flour is to be alternated with fresh milk, beginning and ending with flour
Orange Icing/Frosting
Icing Sugar   1 cup
Butter   15 gm
Orange Juice   2 tbsp
- combine sugar and butter. Stir in orange juice. Stir in container over hot water until icing is spreadable.