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Feb 17, 2012

Tips for Saving Money on Baby Gear

everything you need for your baby.

Consider the usefulness of each item. How much will you really use it? How long will it be used? Some things are used for a very short period of time. You may not need all the gear that is recommended. Spend your money on things you will use often and save the money on the less useful items. If you are a first time mother, ask friends which things were most useful.

Consider your needs vs. your wants. Make a master list of the baby gear you think you'll need. Then break the master list into two separate lists. Make one list of the things you really need and put your wants on another list. Get what you really need first and then prioritize the wants list in the order in which you want each item.

Make two lists even if you are registering for a baby shower. Register first for the things you really need and then add your wants in the order you want them. If you have too many items on your registry, you could end up not getting what you really need.

You may be able to borrow some items from friends or family members. This is a good idea for items you may not use for very long. My sister in law and I shared some baby items, such as bouncy chairs, exersaucers, portable swing and a sling. This can really save money. We do the same thing with maternity and baby clothes. If you borrow an item, please check the Consumer Product Safety Commission website to see if there has been a recall on the item.

Don't spend a fortune on newborn clothes while you are pregnant. Babies grow really fast and will soon out grow the newborn sizes. Some big babies never wear newborn clothes. If you get a lot of newborn clothes at your shower, keep the tags on them until after the baby is born. If you have too many or have a large baby, you can exchange some of the clothes for a larger size.

Spend your money on the basics, such as sleepers and onesies. Get a few outfits for wearing home from the hospital or a special occasion. Wait until after the baby is born before buying a lot of clothing. Shop at consignment shops to save money on baby clothing. You will find nice gently used outfits and even some with the tags still on. This is because other people made the mistake of buying too much. Learn from the mistakes of others and save money.