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Feb 4, 2012

SEO By Writing Articles

primary objective is to get an answer for their question, solve their problem or get an opinion on a particular area. Therefore your article should address one of the above issues. The more targeted your topic is, the better.
- Article structure: The next point is about the structure of an article. It should be consistent and logical. If you can illustrate your idea in a step-by-step approach, your visitors will be able to digest your idea more easily.
Although you do not need to be a writer in order to write an article, if you really do not want to write yourself, you can always pay someone to do that for you. Actually, there are a lot of writing services that you can use to get a well-researched, unique article related to your target market. However, it is always safe to do proper research first before investing a lot of money into a writing service. For example, you can ask the writer to give you a sample article and see if their writing style is suitable for your company culture. You can also give them one or two test jobs and see how they perform. Once you feel comfortable with them, you can discuss with them about long-term co-operation.