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Feb 20, 2012

Cheap Vegas Wedding Guide -What You Need to Know

Cheap Vegas Wedding Facts Here

If you're looking at a cheap Vegas wedding but still want the best the town has to offer, you've come to the right place. This is your complete Cheapskate's Guide to spectacular yet affordable Sin City ceremonies. We can show you how to make your nuptials unforgettable AND save lots of money. (We can not, however, find you someone to marry. You'll have to do that on your own.)

Where else can you can get hitched in a drive through or have an Elvis impersonator sing during your ceremony? There's a reason why more than 10,000 couples a month exchange vows in Sin City. If you're considering it yourself, use this guide to find out if a cheap Vegas wedding is the right move for you:

Cheap Weddings In Las Vegas: How To Get Hitched Sin City Style
If you're getting hitched in Sin City, here's how to do it right. Click here for our tips to cheap weddings in Vegas that could only happen in Sin City.

Find Your Las Vegas Cheap Wedding Chapel
Finding a friendly Las Vegas cheap wedding chapel is a breeze if you do a little research. Look here before planning your cheap wedding in Vegas!

Elvis' Guide to Finding a Vegas Wedding Chapel Cheap & Everything Else You Need to Know About Getting Hitched in Sin City
Find your Vegas wedding chapel cheap with help from the King himself. Click here for all you need to know to plan your perfect Vegas wedding...

Three Cheap Vegas Wedding Chapels You Should Know
Our guide to the best, most fun, and most uniquely Sin City cheap Vegas wedding chapels in town. Click here to learn more...

Vegas Wedding Package Cheap
What's the bare minimum needed for a Vegas Wedding Package cheap? Find out what you'll get for about 100 bucks...

Plan a No-Stress Las Vegas Cheap Wedding
A Las Vegas cheap wedding doesn't have to be tacky and you don't need to stress. Click here to find...

Cheap Las Vegas Wedding Chapels: Look High & Low
You'd be surprised knowing where to look for cheap Las Vegas wedding chapels...they're in all directions with a variety of themes, and all of them relatively cheap!

Ten Cheap Wedding in Vegas Tips
Once you've chosen the perfect venue for your cheap wedding in Vegas, click here for ten essential cheapskate tips (consider them our wedding gift).

Pitfalls of Las Vegas Cheap Weddings
We list the pitfalls and dangers you should avoid when you consider Las Vegas cheap weddings. Click here to out what to expect... and what to avoid.