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Feb 10, 2012

Cheap Food for Thought

College students have many things, but time and cooking utensils aren't on the list. What they do probably have is a microwave, which is really all you need. If you live on campus you might have a meal plan, but they can be costly, the food is hit and miss, and let's face it, at 2:20 A.M. you are going to be up writing that 10-page paper you waited to the last minute to do, and the cafeteria is closed. It's a long night, and you need something now. Here are a few ideas.
Top Ramen tops the list. Okay, this shouldn't even be on the list because it so common. Still, there were times I lived off these bad boys and at 50 cents a pop, they aren't too bad, just add water and get ready for a little MSG. They even have a wide variety of flavors if you can taste the differences. Or if you are the creative type you can search online and find recipes to mix them into salads or bake them into casseroles, effectively ruining them.
Then there are frozen foods. I am not talking about raw chicken or meat that needs to be thawed and cooked. I'm talking about the big boxes of stuff you can buy almost wholesale and nuke for a quick meal. My personal favorites always included corny dogs (add ketchup for more fun), but don't forget about the good old burrito and fish sticks.
Remember all the breakfast junk cereals you weren't allowed to eat when you were young? Now is your time. You probably can't afford a lot of name brands, but a big bag of knock off Lucky Charms can really hit the spot in the morning, or night, or afternoon as well. Who wouldn't want to sit down to a nice bowl of Apple Dapples or Crispy Hexagons. Every grocery store in America has them and part of the fun is figuring out exactly what cereal they are really supposed to be. Just don't tell your mom, she will be so disappointed in you.
You can still rock sandwiches as well. Bread is cheap, and most fillings are too. Especially if you like peanut butter and jelly, and who doesn't? Experiment with them if you get bored and maybe subscribe to a jelly of the month club. Ever try peanut butter, banana and honey? It will change your life.
Lastly, local watering holes will also have great deals. Seriously, they love college students and at any given point in time, on any given day, there is a $4 burger and drink deal waiting for you. You may not get a lot of studying done but you will be fed well.
There you have, some quick, cheap and easy ways to grub at school. Is it healthy? Barely, but then again you are young and in COLLEGE, you will be fine and getting good home cooked meals and clean laundry is what your parents use to lure you into visiting them.